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Jared Goff NFL Draft Watch: SB Nation mock to Cleveland Browns, ESPN to Philadelphia Eagles

The annual SB nation mock draft is taking place and they have our old blue headed to Cleveland.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As we march our way into April it's time to take a deeper look at where our beloved former quarterback may end up. Early indications were that the Cleveland Browns were the favorites to land the talented Jared Goff and many still believe that is where he will end up. SB Nation runs an annual mock draft asking their team writers to make their picks and Chris Pokorny goes in depth as to why he believes Cleveland will take Goff.

Newly minted Head Coach, Hue Jackson, has direct ties to Cal and we all know how much he loves a pocket passer after the Carson Palmer trade he executed as head coach of the Raiders. Even with the recent signing of Robert Griffin III, most mock drafts still have Jared joining the dawg pound.

Interestingly enough, Todd McShay has Goff slipping beyond the 49ers at number 7 and flying out east to the Philadelphia Eagles, despite the crowded quarterback situation.

Jared falling to the Eagles would be a very interesting story particularly given they just signed Sam Bradford to a big offseason deal. Perhaps they are hoping a little competition will help improve the entire team. After spending countless hours reading articles on Howie Roseman and owner Jeffrey Lurie, this would be one of my least favorite landing spots for Jared. As much as Eagles fans will hate this, your organization is a disaster and yes I would prefer Cleveland.

Finally, Sports Illustrated has Jared staying in the familiar Bay Area going into Chip Kelly's high octane offense. The 49ers had a strong presence at his pro day and continue to show interest in many of the first top eight draft prospects. While Jared might rather land in a location with a better offensive line (for instance Dallas), we certainly know he has the ability to walk into a suspect situation and turn it all around.

Where do you expect Jared to end up on draft day? Are there particular teams you hope he avoids?