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Cal football & basketball hypothetical podcast: Post-Easter Bearcast Episode

In a week that didn't have much happening, we talk in the hypothetical

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

In the return of the greatest Cal sports podcast to ever exist, Rob and I chortled about the hypothetical situations that surround Cal sports. That misery led us to the following topics:

  • The newest LB commitment, Jordan Kunaszyk
  • The newest segment, Hypothetical Cal History
  • What would have happened if Aaron Rodgers stayed in 2005?
  • What Kevin Riley scored against Oregon State?
  • What if Josh Shipp's shot didn't count?
  • Baseball, success, Brett Cumberland and Moneyball
  • The hypothetical landing spots for Jared Goff
  • Pros and cons of those landing spots
  • And so much more

So subscribe and rate us on iTunes, and be sure not to dwell on the past like we do because that is not worthwhile. Go Bears!