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Cal Football Recruiting 2016: Sonny Dykes analyzes the offensive recruits

What did Coach Dykes have to say about the 2016 offensive recruits? Spoiler alert: longer and faster.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Running Backs

Derrick Clark:

  • Running back mold at his size.
  • Did a lot of different things in high school. He ran wildcat running back, was a good receiver out of the backfield.
Zion Echols:
  • Very versatile and a home-run hitter.
  • Makes guys miss and is also a good receiver out of the backfield.
Wide Receivers

Jordan Duncan:
  • Will be a 210 pound guy fast.
  • Good size and speed and can get to the ball.
  • Very productive and strong.
Logan Gamble:
  • Great size, and a really interesting prospect.
  • Good ball skills, good athlete with a ton of upside.
Drew Kobayashi:
  • Can really run, one of those guys you would expect to be 5-10, 170 pounds, but is actually 6-2 200 pounds.
  • Big guy with speed, a very good athlete and football player.
  • Had some injury issues senior year, but still had a very good year.
Matt Laris:
  • Big dude and really good athlete.
  • Great ball skills, incredibly productive for a good football team.
  • Light on his feet for a 220-pound guy.
Melquise Stovall:
  • Guy who can make big plays.
  • Three or four guys in California who had a similar style of play as him, but they targeted him from day one.
  • Though he was the best of those similar guys, made more plays and was a good academic fit for Cal.
Jordan Veasy:
  • Great size and speed.
  • Thought that he was very under recruited.
  • Not many guys are 6-2, 230 and go in and out of cuts the way he does.

Max Gilliam:
  • Very effective in high school, has a very good arm.
  • Also very fast, could run a 4.5.
  • He was at the top of the list of quarterbacks in California.
Victor Viramontes:
  • He is a big dude, with good running ability and elusiveness.
Offensive Line:

Jake Curhan:
  • Great size, one of the first commits.
  • Has the size, plays nasty, and a good nasty.
  • HIs best football is in front of him.
Daniel Juarez:
  • Played in a similar offense, has great strength numbers.
  • Played for a prestigious school in Corona Centennial.
  • Has gotten taller since they started recruiting him.
Dwayne Wallace:
  • A big, powerful guy.
  • Heavily recruited, had a couple SEC offers, but wanted to go to California.
  • Plays tough and physical and should transition pretty well.
Gentle Williams:
  • Another guy that they got on early.
  • Kept growing and getting bigger.
  • Love the way he moves.
We'll have another segment that details what Dykes had to say about recruits on the defensive side of the ball. What do you think about the future of the Bear Raid?