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Steve Kerr supports Cuonzo Martin, who reportedly needs UC President approval for contract


Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Six-time NBA champion and Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has tweeted four times over the last year. He's a very busy person and you can imagine that he doesn't have a lot of time on his hands, dealing with back surgery recovery and a host of other issues, like coaching the greatest team of the past two decades.

This is Tweet #4.

Steve was present at Cal Senior Day to watch his walk-on son Nick play for the Bears, and even got to watch him hit a Kerr family staple. It's safe to say Steve is happy his son got a chance to play with the Bears in his final season.

Nick tweeted the following statement as well.

Ryan Gorcey reports that Cal Athletics totally backs Martin, along with the support of a Cal fan petition that is slowly rising in numbers. The petition has reached the higher echelons of the UC structure.

Also, it seems everyone is ready to make Martin the coach at Cal the office of the president of the University of California, who have yet to sign off. Martin is currently working on an offer sheet at Cal without a signed contract.

Here is a look into the UC bureaucratic process, via Gorcey:

It is germane to this timeline to note that the reporting process at Berkeley for sexual harassment on campus must go through the Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination, with three people, according to a source in the administration, currently handling, by one count, over 20 sexual harassment investigations, at an institution of over 35,000 students and 1,620 full-time faculty.


Additionally, before the scandal broke, it had been two years (and longer, since), that Martin has been working on a term sheet contract, as opposed to a standard long-form contract, which has to be approved by three levels of bureaucracy -- the Campus, the UC Office of the President, and the UC Regents -- after signed off on by Williams.

A source confirmed to BearTerritory that Martin's contract is only missing approval from the University of California Office of the President. All other parties have signed.

Also of note, it took 11 months for the University to hire Mike Williams as the full-time Athletic Director.

The blame for the delay in the implementation of the findings of the report, and in the reporting itself, would then seem to be squarely laid at the feet of the larger University process.