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Cal basketball & football podcast: PheNAMenal Edition of the Bearcast

This week, we welcomed everyone's favorite hype-man/purveyor of takes to the show

Brown and Chauca were sad this wasn't up sooner
Brown and Chauca were sad this wasn't up sooner
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This week on the Bearcast, we welcomed meteoric superstar Nam Le to our humble show to discuss football, shootyhoops, and lukewarm takes. In particular we discussed:

  • The state of your QB competition
  • Defensive line and linebacker discussions
  • Who's going to play wide receiver for us next year
  • How many times can Trace say "Bankshead" instead of "Bankhead"
  • Pro day
  • The fantastic performances of Bryce Treggs and Darius Powe
  • The week from hell in basketball
  • A timeline, and how this past week compares to other Cal weeks of despair
  • A little treatise on baseball
  • And so much more

So listen to our entertaining, slightly professional work. Rate us on iTunes, ask some questions, and give us any feedback you can. And as always, go Bears!