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NFL Draft: Jared Goff ponders San Francisco 49ers, praised by Cleveland Browns coach

Good stuff here.

Here's Jared Goff's full press conference video from Cal Pro Day.

Goff was asked about whether he would like to be a member of the San Francisco 49ers, who might be in the market for a quarterback with Colin Kaepernick likely to be on the move.Goff (a longtime 49ers fan) sounded intrigued.

"It'd be great. It'd be a really cool thing. Growing up as a fan of them, it'd be awesome," Goff replied. "But at the same time i'd be more than happy to play anywhere and with a coach I want to win games with and be real successful with."

San Francisco has some work to get Goff; they have the 7th pick overall. They will have to likely hope the Cleveland Browns pass on Goff to get Carson Wentz. Here's what Hue Jackson had to say about Goff.

"He's a tremendous kid,'' Jackson told NFL Network about Goff. "Obviously him being here at Cal, we have a little insight as to what he is, but he's a tremendous young man. Had a tremendous career, has a lot of poise, obviously accuracy, can throw the ball with anybody, make all of the throws, but I think you guys all know it's more than that than just playing quarterback.

Goff on playing in cold weather:

"Yeah, growing up in California, they probably wanted to see that," said Goff, who is from Novato. "That makes sense. But at the same time, I've played in cold weather before. I wouldn't be the first quarterback to go from California to cold weather. I think Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady have done pretty well."

Sounds like Cleveland was very intrigued by Jared, but they also have another prospect they like at quarterback in Carson Wentz. It's very likely one of those two will be the pick, opening up the door for the 49ers to swoop in and get Goff if they like him a lot. The 49ers were in attendance at Pro Day, along with pretty much every other team.

Sonny Dykes had this to say about Goff (full transcript here).

Q: You think he could start next year and be effective?

A: Well, I think a lot of it depends on the style of offense and what he's asked to do and how much patience they have with a young quarterback. I mean, certainly he has the tools. He has the work ethic, the intelligence, the arm strength, the size; I mean, all of that stuff. But so much of being a successful quarterback is playing in a system that plays to your strengths and hides your weaknesses. And that's what coaching is, figuring out what your guys do well and then strengthening their weaknesses as they go along.

Q: Do you think he has enough durability, strength and explosion in that chest to withstand the rigors of an NFL season?

A: Yeah, one thing you have to keep in mind is we're talking about a kid who's only three years removed from high school. I have no doubt that by the time Jared reports for an NFL team he'll be stronger, and eventually he'll go from 215 (pounds) to 245. He's bigger than you think he is, and when you see him in person he has a bigger frame than most think. He's added a substantial amount of weight since the end of the season, and he'll continue to do that.