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Cal Football Pro Day 2016: Recap, Photos and Sights

9AM. Kabam Field. Memorial Stadium. Jared Goff. Wide Receivers. D-Linemen. Line Backers.Sadly no game, but a lot of running and timing.

In the midst of one of the most hellish weeks of Cal basketball, we had a lone bright spot up a few blocks at Memorial Stadium. It was the last hurrah for quite a few of our seniors, along with some alumni who hadn't quite caught on in the league. It was broadcasted on the NFL network due to the presence of Berkeley's savior, Jared Goff. Goff, being a consensus top 10 pick, required the appearance of Cal defender Mike Silver, red shirt wearing draftnik Mike Mayock, and NBC sideline reporter Alex Flanagan.

This was also an event that drew scouts from all 32 teams, in order to see the plethora of wideouts that helped Goff to his record setting career. Some notables amongst the scouts were Browns coach Hue Jackson, former Stanfurd offensive coordinator and Browns QB coach Pep Hamilton, and 49ers head coach and noted smoothie lover Chip Kelly.

So who made some money on Saturday morning? Other than Goff, who will soon be able to afford a house in his native Marin, there are two big standouts from the wideout position. Bryce Treggs and Darius Powe had whopper times in the 40, with Treggs clocking a 4.31 according to Cal Football:

Powe clocked in at a 4.38, unprecedented considering his larger frame and his lack of deep ball touches over his career. He also jumped 10-feet in the broad jump. 10 FEET!

According to Mayock, Jared stepped up and put on a show (, completing 61-69 passes with two drops. Some were impressed by Goffs willingness to make difficult throws a part of his day, especially seven-step drops and deep balls that have wowed crowds at Memorial since his debut. Goff also demonstrated an ability to grow his hands, having them measured at 9 and ⅛ inches. Hamilton made sure to test Goff's non baby hands by getting the ball wet and having him throw. From the opinion of this writer and many others, that issue is absolute bollocks.

The morning wrapped up with a lot of talking to the media for our prospective pros. And this was the high point of the day. Go Bears!