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Cal basketball signee Tyson Jolly reopens his recruitment, asks to be released from LOI


Cal Athletics

Hey the week from hell for Cal basketball technically isn't over! Let's make it two weeks.

Tyson Jolly (who appeared to be signed, sealed and delivered) has reopened his recruitment from Cal.

From the wording of the tweet, it seems like the Bears have not let him out of his letter of intent yet, but it sounds like it's coming Monday.

Jolly confirmed that Yann Hufnagel's firing was the trigger event in reopening his recruitment.

"Family reasons and coach Yanni [Hufnagel] got fired," he said. "He was the coach I was real close to in the program. He worked hard for me to stay into the school. There’s a lot going on there."

Jolly expects to receive the release from his Letter of Intent on Monday.

The uncertainty probably surrounds Cuonzo Martin's impending job status, as he still does not have a signed contract with the Bears. Martin is also facing an internal investigation from Cal for his role in reporting an assistant's misconduct.

In basketball terms, if Jolly were to find another school before the Bears and Martin can agree on a new deal, Cal's 2016-17 campaign would look very bleak if Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb were to turn pro. Cal's lineup would look like...

PG: Sam Singer, Don Coleman
SG: Jordan Mathews, Stephen Domingo
SF: Jabari Bird, Roger Moute
PF: Roman Davis
C: Kameron Rooks, Kingsley Okoroh

That could be a decent basketball team. But it would be a major step down without Jolly, who was supposed to ease the loss of Tyrone Wallace and be one of the first of many defensive-minded guards that Martin would try and bring to Cal to continue the transformation of the program.

What a great week to be a Bear.