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Well, At Least We Have Cal Baseball (USC Game 2 Gamethread)

Cal baseball is still in LA looking to take a 2-0 lead in the three game series. Anyone up for it?

Cal defeated USC last night in baseball, 5-4. It was the Pac-12 opener for both teams. See the thread comments for highlights.

Cal plays USC again today hoping to take a 2-0 lead (and series win) vs. the Trojans. Ryan Mason, who had a rough outing last week and looking to bounce back, is on the mound today.

I know baseball, especially college baseball, doesn't have the popularity as football or men's basketball... but after what Golden Bears went through today on the court... this could be a solid pick-me-up.


TV: Pac-12 National, Bay Area, Los Angeles and with Roxy Bernstein and JT Snow

Time: 7PM

Location: USC Campus in Los Angeles

Go Bears. Beat the Trojans.(And hopefully have a long fruitful season to give Bear fans something to cheer for now)

Oh and speaking of diamonds, if you're in the Bay Area... Cal Softball is beginning their home schedule! They take on a pretty good UCLA team Saturday-Monday. More details to come, probably in a Golden Medals thread. I cannot make it (I will be at the following series against Arizona State) but they could use your support!