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Cal basketball vs. Hawaii round of 64 live chat!


Cal basketball completes perfect season
Cal basketball completes perfect season
Leonard Chong


Time: 11 a.m. Pacific

Online: March Madness Live

Radio: TuneIn

Mobile/App: March Madness Live (Google Play & iTunes Store)

Announcers: Spiro Dedes, Doug Gottlieb, Ros Gold-Onwude

Things to read

Preview from Scott Chong:

On offense, they like to play fast and are prone to settle for early three-pointers. They're anchored inside by Stefan Jankovic, reigning Big West Player of the Year. After being Poetlized in the conference finals, I'm sure we're all looking forward to another multi-skilled big...only this one can also step out and hit from deep. Star point guard Roderick Bobbitt is clearly their engine. Reef summarized his game as "Sort of like Gary Payton IIlite. Better deep ball shooter, but not quite as good at everything else." And if we wanted to add one big item to our worry closet, Hawaii tends to draw a lot of fouls.

Cal basketball offense: 1-4 set by LeonPowe

Often times fans will question "Why are we running ISO?" when Jaylen and Ty drive in against a defense. Let's be clear - there's often times when one of our wings will have a scrambling defense - and a one on one play against an off-balance defense isn't an ISO, but a way to get the ball into high leverage situations. Now (cue reef getting frustrated) when the wings HOLD the ball and THEN go into a drive, that's a less than ideal offensive flow because now you're driving against a set defense. But that's usually not a "play call" but instead a decision made by the guy with the ball.

Tyrone Wallace is out.

California senior guard Tyrone Wallace broke a bone in his right hand during practice Thursday afternoon, an injury that is expected to keep him off the court for 3-5 weeks.

This marks the second time that Wallace has been sidelined by an injury this season. He broke a different bone in the same hand in practice Jan. 17and missed five games before returning. The Bears were 3-2 in his absence, including a 74-73 home victory over Arizona.