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Cal vs. Hawaii pregame hype

There is a feud a-brewin, friends, and accompanying braggadocio must kick things off. *blows dust off keyboard*

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We were always destined to meet, it seems.

On battlegrounds foreign to us both, on lands foreign to us both...but it seems that we were always destined to meet, Rainbow Warriors.

We have been tied to each other in the past, linked by way of the Hawaiian natives who rode the waves eastward. Now, we will tip-off for real, playing out the first chapter of a budding rivalry, and already, we've booked a rematch on a much grander stage -- the Rumble in Down Under; the 2016 football season opener.

Tomorrow, they'll point to the key numbers: fourth seed, thirteenth seed, seven point favorites, and conclude that the Blue and Gold are near locks to advance into the weekend.

Just predictions. Odds and guesses. We know better. There are no certainties.

A legacy is at stake on Friday. Our legacy, as a team that went undefeated at home, as the owner of two five star recruits, and as the highest seeded Cal squad in history.

All of this will mean less than nothing if we do not win here, if we do not defeat you. We will not take you lightly, we will not be complacent, but we will win. We MUST win.

Again, and again, and again, and again, and again, against you Rainbow Warriors, and any others unfortunate enough to come before us in the bracketing.

A legacy is at stake. Our legacy.

It begins Friday.

Aloha. Expect us.