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Cuonzo Martin role in Yann Hufnagel sexual harassment case to be reviewed by UC Berkeley

The UC will launch a review.

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco Chronicle has revealed that Cuonzo Martin was the witness identified in the Yann Hufnagel sexual harassment report, and knew about the misconduct two months before it was reported to the university.

The head coach of UC Berkeley's men's basketball team acknowledged he knew that a female reporter was having a problem with his assistant coach two months before the athletic department alerted university officials to the possibility the woman was being sexually harassed, emails obtained by The Chronicle show.

The emails raise questions about how much head coach Cuonzo Martin knew about the woman's allegations before July, when the university received a complaint that assistant coach Yann Hufnagel had harassed the reporter in 2014 and 2015.

In the report, the complainant talked to Martin in May about experiencing sexual harassment from the respondent (Hufnagel). Here is the statement from the report.

There was a followup email in the report. Here are parts of it via the Chronicle.

In a July 5 email from the reporter to Martin, she wrote, "I wanted to continue our dialogue in regard to Yann Hufnagel. I only briefly touched upon the extent of his harassment of me in our two conversations... I want to be sure that I represent the scope of the harassment with as much attention to detail and accuracy as possible... particularly in light of something you said in our last conversation. You told me that you take this very seriously, and that you were hoping it was just an isolated incident."

Here is Martin's testimony as detailed in the report.

Cuonzo Martin testimony

Also, the report indicates that Martin did respond to said email.

Martin responded to the woman's email a day later, writing, "Thank you for the follow up. I addressed this when you original contacted me. Is there still an issue?"

According to the report, the university received the official complaint in July.

Cal athletic director Mike Williams released a statement late Tuesday night.

"To dispel any doubts about Coach Martin's role, the university will be initiating a review of all of the documents and communications related to his actions. We firmly believe the results will support our confidence in Coach Martin."