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Cal football spring practice report #4: Ross Bowers, Luc Bequette, Evan Rambo draw praise

Melquise Stovall and Carlos Strickland had some moments too.

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Sorry, no Rob today. He'll be back with more detailed reports on Friday and after the spring break. Some quick notes from Sonny Dykes's press conference at the Monday practice. If you want some video of practice, Ryan Gorcey has you covered (click through to watch at the top).

Players of the day

Luc Bequette was the standout in the Oklahoma drill. More from Ryan Grocey:

Bequette was easily the top performer in the Oklahoma drill, used his strength and played with great leverage and pad level. He doesn't give up on tackles. "I thought Luc Bequette has played as impressively as he's played," Dykes said.

Ross Bowers had a very good day at quarterback and looks like a very strong contender for the job, based on his experience working in Jake Spavital's offense. More from Gorcey:

Bowers looked to have the best day among the quarterbacks, behind Forrest, who continues to look strong, consistent and mobile, with hot feet and a smooth, quick release. Bowers said the reason for his surge is not only getting some weight back that he lost due to an illness, but also working in Spavital's offense, which is very similar to the one he ran in high school.

"It's the same offense, and more importantly, the same mechanics," Bowers said. "All the footwork and stuff that requires you to be on-time and accurate, I'm used to all that. With coach [Tony] Franklin, the hot feet is great, but it was hard to learn, and then I got the hang of it, and I have to change it right back."

Keep that in mind as the quarterback competition figures to tighten later in the month.

Evan Rambo also had a hard hitting day as he starts to look more like he can try and compete at linebacker even though he has the body of a safety.

"He looks good, and he's got the frame to put on even more, so he can be a big dude, before it's all said and done with," Dykes said. "He's playing pretty well right now. He's the kind of guy that you want, where you recruit a good athlete with a good frame, and let them be a football player and see where their growth takes them. There's nothing wrong with a 215-pound safety who can run around and make plays."


  • Bowers was the most accurate quarterback in wide receiver vs. defensive back 1-on-1 drills, nailing Brandon Singleton for a touchdown.
  • 7 on 7s: Bowers found Melquise Stovall for a twisting catch in traffic...Chase Forrest found Carlos Strickland between the corner and the safety for a score.
  • 11 on 11s: Vic Enwere nabbed himself a 25 yard run and was tackled by Aisea Tongilava...Zach Kline scrambled for 12 yards or so...Cameron Walker tipped a Bowers pass that landed in the hands of Bug Rivera...Evan Rambo nabbed a near pick-six.
  • Patrick Laird and Billy McCrary both registered 70 yard touchdown runs.
  • Chad Hansen was the big wideout target of the day, landing a 32 yard catch from Chase Forrest and a 35 yard catch from Luke Rubenzer.


  • Darius Allensworth was in a walking boot. He'll be reevaluated after the spring break and should be ready to come back for Wednesday practice.
  • Caleb Coleman sustained a head injury last week and will be out for a bit.
  • With Cal Pro Day coming this Friday (televised on the NFL Network!), a few alum like Bryce Treggs and Stephen Anderson attended, as did current or former pros like Thomas Decoud, Kameron Jackson and Brendan Bigelow.
  • Spavital seems to be as hands on with the offense as Tony Franklin and is quick to try and correct technical errors by the players.

New quarterback videos!

Meet old hats Luke Rubenzer

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