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Cal basketball has 50:1 national title odds, 6.5 to 7 point favorites over Hawaii

Go Bears!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

For those who care about the Vegas aspect, the national title odds for the California Golden Bears are currently set at 50:1 (there are conflicting odds depending on where you look). That's pretty solid and seems about in line for a team that faces a murderer's row of Hawaii (solid mid-major), Maryland (underperforming group with blue chip talent, think the Cal of the Big Ten), and Kansas (the number one overall seed). It's a slight downgrade from the 25:1 to 30:1 odds Cal was receiving earlier this week before seeding was announced--hope you didn't place your bets then.

The 4th seeded Bears opened as 6.5 to 7 point favorites over 13th seeded Hawaii, which seems about right for Cal. Cal has never blown anyone out on the road that wasn't Washington State (although we're pretty close to Pullman on Friday). Getting a win by even that margin would be a positive step in the right direction for the Golden Bears.

What are your thoughts on the line and the odds?