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Cal football spring practice Friday report and week 1 highlights! No QB separation yet

A few highlights from Friday's action.

Above you can see the first looks of spring practice from Days 1 and 2.

Here are some quick highlights from Friday's rainy practice, via Cal Rivals:

7 on 7 highlights

  • Chase Forrest found the hole between the two safeties to hit Melquise Stovall for a touchdown.
  • Jordan Veasy had a football bounce off his hands and right into Jaylinn Hawkins's paws--in real game action it would certainly have been a pick six. Luke Rubenzer would also thread the needle similarly against the safeties to find Patrick Worstell for 25 yards plus.
  • Zach Kline found Brandon Singleton for a 30 yard deep fade. Max Gilliam also shallow posted Worstell for another big gain.
  • Could Quentin Tartabull be back in action? Tartabull landed an interception off of Gilliam that signalled game-ready. He could be quite useful on a safety two deep.

11 on 11 highlights

  • Cameron Saffle could be a breakout star as he settles into Kyle Kragen's role. Saffle had huge quarterback pressure on one play, than a sack on the next.
  • Ross Bowers avoided pressure to find Singleton for a first down.
  • Gilliam found Greyson Bankhead in stride for a catch and go touchdown.
  • Billy McCrary is finding time as a running back this spring, and actually saw some time with the 1s yesterday.
  • Worstell had the best day of all wideouts.

Special teams

  • On the special teams side, Dylan Klumph and Noah Beito took turns punting. Brandon Singleton, Melquise Stovall and Vic Wharton fielded returns.

Sonny Dykes post practice video

  • There was no separation in the quarterback competition as of yet. It could happen by week 2.
  • Dykes singled out Singelton, Vic Wharton (recovering from injury), Jordan Duncan, Carlos Strickland, Chad Hansen as outside wideouts, and Stovall, Bankhead, Ray Hudson, Bug Rivera, Jordan Veasy are mentioned as inside wideouts.
  • Right guard and center positions are mentioned as offensive line battles. Kamryn Bennett is mentioned as a tackle possibility. Patrick Mekari will likely push Addison Ooms and Dominic Granado at center.