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Cal football & basketball podcast: Episode 26 of the Bearcast

On this very special episode, we talk for an extended period of time

Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

On this episode of the illustrious, five-star, incomparable, and greatest ever Cal sport related podcast to appear on the internet, Rob and I covered a myriad of things, some of which I will list below:

  • The NFL combine
  • Zach Kline's potential return
  • Small hands, and how dumb the thought is
  • The final ballad of Tyrone Wallace
  • The crazy athleticism of Jaylen Brown
  • An undefeated home slate for the first time since 1960
  • The potential of five players leaving from this team
  • The excellence of Cal's women's tennis and baseball teams
  • Answering your questions
  • Pac-12 coaches as wrestlers
  • And so much more

So take a listen, subscribe, and send us some questions, we love to answer those. But, as always, Go Bears!