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Cal basketball vs. Stanford postgame quotes & video highlights

Go Bears!

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

It was a great Super Bowl weekend! Never seen a better Super Bowl than Cal destroying Stanford.

A few quotes from the postgame presser. More postgame quotes available here at

Cuonzo Martin

"Good win. Two scrappy teams battling out there. I thought my staff did a great job battling and competing. They set a tone early and really executed. I thought we were a step slow early in the game. Give those guys credit for making plays. We thought it would really be a tough matchup with Rosco (Allen) and with Ivan guarding Rosco, Ivan's a traditional big guy and trying to guard Rosco is not an easy task.

I thought Ivan did a really good job, especially in the second half, of just trying to battle and keep him in front of him. It's not an easy thing to do with a big guy that's 6-9 and can go off the dribble and make plays. We felt like something had to give; either Rosco would dominate the game, Ivan would dominate on the other end or they'd trade baskets. Ivan did a great job in the second half really battling.

I thought Kameron Rooks played really well but he continues to play well and you can see that in practice, so I'm not surprised by that. The biggest key now, offensively, is keeping balls alive. When we played at their place, you watch it on film and he fumbled four or five putback balls we thought we had an opportunity to score on. This time, he comes up with the ball, scores the basket and was just a great presence around the rim putting pressure on their big guys. Great team effort and good win for our guys."

Jordan Mathews

On Stanford's play

"We wanted to handle their double-teams against Ivan (Rabb) and I think we did a great job with that. Coach really told us to turn and face the double team, not shy away from it and we were making up for our lack of aggressiveness last time we played them. They shot 38 free throws last game, and we should have shot a similar number, and we didn't, and that really showed our lack of aggressiveness. So today we just thought being aggressive and throwing the ball in the paint and having our bigs perform well tonight would get us the win."

Kameron Rooks

On Stanford's size

"I knew they were a lot smaller than I'm used to playing against. I go against Kingsley (Okoroh) every single day in practice and that's a big dude, so when you go against someone smaller after that, you definitely have an advantage. Our forwards did a good job, we all did a good job switching ball screens the entire game which really helped us win."

More importantly, here are some highlights of the beatdown.

Jordan Mathews hit a three!

Jabari Bird followed up.

Then Roger Moute got in on the action.

Kameron Rooks broke up a pass.

Ivan Rabb with the alley-oop slam. 

Mathews nailed one of many triples. 

It's a block party at Haas!

Jaylen Brown went one-and-one and got some moves.

Roger Moute skied for a big rebound.

Brown finished in transition.

Brown broke down the defense and found Rooks.

Bird slammed it home to end it.

Cal basketball meets the students after the win!

What impressed you most from Cal's win over Stanford?