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Marshawn Lynch has retired from football

Beast Mode done.

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Update: Sounds like it's official now.

Original: It sounds like one of the greatest running backs in California Golden Bear history might be considering hanging it up. Beast Mode is telling the people closest to him that he might be done.

What is there to say about Marshawn Lynch? He's the greatest. He has the second most rushing yards of all Cal Bears. He was part of two ten win Cal seasons in three years, had the most 100-yard games in Golden Bear history. He is probably the most successful Golden Bear in the modern era in terms of wins and losses.

He won a Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks and was the best running back in the league for two to three seasons. He has undoubtedly the greatest run in NFL history.

He is the most quotable athlete in the NFL, and his ability to go against the establishment has probably made him one of the most popular athletes as well.

He also did this.

We'll have more coverage of Beast Mode if he does end up retiring. Discuss your feelings on Marshawn?