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ESPN & SB Nation NFL mock drafts have Cleveland Browns honing in on Jared Goff

Go Bears!

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

With the Tennessee Titans landing the number one pick, there won't be a quarterback selected first; they already have their quarterback of the future in Marcus Mariota.

There will almost certainly be a quarterback taken in the second pick of the draft. The big question is whether it's Jared Goff.

North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz has begun to climb up draft boards as a potential sleeper quarterback. And a few reports seem to indicate the Browns are keen on him. CBS Sports puts Wentz as the pick for the Browns, with Goff dropping to the 7th pick and the San Francisco 49ers.

So it's split a few ways. ESPN's Todd McShay and SB Nation's latest mock has Goff as the second overall pick to the Cleveland Browns, with Wentz going next up among the quarterbacks to the Dallas Cowboys with the fourth overall pick. If the Browns are keen on Wentz though, it's quite possible they could dangle their pick around. There has been speculation teams would trade up to try and get the Golden Bear quarterback.

We'll see Goff next at the NFL combine in the last week of February.