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Cal fans, how do you feel about offensive coordinator Tony Franklin departing?

Will you miss Cal's current OC?

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What are your feelings on the departure of Tony Franklin from Cal? What are your opinions on how Tony Franklin performed at Cal as the offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach/running backs coach?

Sam Fielder: I'm pretty bummed out for a couple of reasons. First, I really liked how Tony Franklin the person seemed to fit Berkeley and how naturally he integrated into the community. It's hard to see anyone duplicating that. Second, I was really hoping that Cal football could have a relatively quiet offseason to offset the major departures from the offensive side of the ball but clearly it'll be all new faces there, so I'm bummed that this could turn into a full-on rebuild instead of a relatively smooth transition.

As far as how he performed, I thought that he was great as the OC/QB coach but left some room for improvement as the RB coach. I'll leave the detail analysis to the folks here that are much more qualified to do that, but the running game never really seemed to get going this year (perhaps due to lots of factors like injuries etc) but I don't know how much that was Tony's doing or what. But he was in charge, so some of that falls on him. But as far as Goff's development and growth and the offensive game plans, those were impressive.

boomtho: I agree with Sam. I loved how Tony totally embraced Berkeley and all it entailed - stuff like walking to the stadium, talking about the uniqueness of Telegraph Ave, etc. As Cal fans know quite well, coordinator tenures can often be so short, so it was really cool to see Tony dive in with both feet from day 1.

I thought Tony performed about as well as could be expected as the Cal O-coordinator. My one disappointment is that the tempo we were promised never really materialized (though this year's explanation about Goff's at-the-line responsibilities makes sense), but besides that, I thought Tony did a pretty great job running the offense. Many will point to our lack of success running the ball over the last 3 years as a flaw in Tony's resume, and while I can't disagree, it's difficult for me to separate things in Tony's control (VSPP, playcalling, coaching up the RB's) vs things further from his control (innate talent of the OL vs some of the good DL's in the conference, the porous Cal defense in the first two years especially).
Given that, I'm disappointed that Tony is losing. I really think it will be hard for Dykes to find a comparably talented replacement.

Vincent S: Chiming in with a third agree. I think we could all see that Jared Goff was a talented recruit, but I think it'd be hard to argue against the fact that Franklin played a significant role in his development into the quarterback he is today. While the offense had its ups and downs (relative to expectations), I think that he was a huge net positive for our program at the OC and QB coaching positions. RBs did decently as well, but I can't give him top marks for that after the run that Ron Gould had.

Leland Wong: I was also a little disappointed to see Franklin leave; I thought we'd get a little stability out of the offensive coaches since they all came together from Louisiana Tech, but in just three years, we're down to only head coach Sonny Dykes and Mark Tommerdahl--who at times coached inside receivers and fullbacks. (To be fair, Peeler also came from La Tech, but wasn't a full assistant coach there.) Continuity could be key in speeding up the growth of our players rather than the extra work for the team to learn and adapt to new concepts, vocabulary, and teaching styles.

And while Vincent and I agree that Coach Gould's streak with legendary running backs deserves a revered place in Cal lore, I can't dismiss Franklin's work. This year, we had a stable of three quality backs--and that's with the returning starter, Daniel Lasco, going down with an injury early in the season. Love Coach Gould, but he never had depth like that.