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Chris Yaghi signs with Cal, faxes in letter of intent

Welcome to Cal Chris!

Danny Moloshok/Getty Images

Santa Ana defensive tackle Chris Yaghi could be a big defensive lineman for Cal down the road, as he signed with the Bears today. The Bears need their defensive linemen to disrupt and force pressure in the 4-3 front, and Yaghi could be an interior guy.

Via Trace's scouting report, "Yaghi's film as a whole is very technically sound. He has two moves for pass rushing currently, the rip and the swim. He uses his leverage from his long arms to keep blockers from getting into his body. His jumps off the ball are solid, and he does everything you want from a one technique. He will have to grow a little more to occupy multiple blockers, but in one-on-one situations he's very sound. Technique will work at any size, and once he gets that size, watch out.

Yaghi's film reminds me of Todd Barr's. Two guys with fantastic motors who are undersized at the moment, but have the potential to be something great with time and size gain. Barr didn't make that jump, but Yaghi has another year to begin to fill that promise."

Here are the highlights of Yaghi!