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Cal football athlete Melquise Stovall the jewel of the 2016 recruiting class

Go Bears!

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Bear Raid offense has brought Cal's offense back from the brink the past few years. After middling the last few years, Sonny Dykes and Tony Franklin helped get the Bears back to among the nation's strongest offenses. Behind Jared Goff and one of the most talented groups of wide receiving corps in the nation, Cal's offense was in the top 15 by most advanced metrics.

What the offense has needed is explosiveness. All of Cal wideouts have been great possession receivers who are able to haul in the catches, but until the last few games of 2015 the Bears didn't have too many explosive players who could get open and race for open field touchdowns. Especially against the better teams, landing a Desean Jackson or Jahvid Best-type home run threat is critical for Cal's offense to be elite as possible against elite teams.

Melquise Stovall is here to remedy that. Stovall is the type of offensive weapon Cal has needed for the longest time and could do a lot of damage in the new look Bear Raid. Check out the highlights!

Stovall is the type of dynamic De'Anthony Thomas-type player who can fulfill multiple roles in a college offense. He could be an option at running back to try and bring the speed down the middle. He could move before the snap and run jet sweeps, or catch passes out of the backfield. He can be a slot receiver who can run routes. He could return punts and kicks. He has a versatile offensive set that could be utilized in many spot. He is surprisingly tough to bring down.

Stovall could be a huge weapon in his first season at Cal. Complementing Khalfani Muhammad, Vic Enwere and Tre Watson as an occasional speed run option, and being someone who can also be a wideout who can run routes in an open wide receiver field, I wouldn't be surprised to see Melquise ready to go in 2016.

From Solomon's scouting report: "Stovall is a fantastic back. He possesses quick feet and balance, making him a difficult guy to tackle. We didn't see too many open-field tackling situations but I'm positive that he's used to snapping ankles left and right. He has solid hands, making him a viable passing target and can probably be devastating on flat routes out of the backfield.

In my opinion his greatest weapon is his jaw-dropping acceleration. He hits his top speed like an Italian sports car, leaving defenders in the dust, sticking sharp turns, and stopping on a dime. It speaks volumes to the strength of his legs and feet, which he uses as oars to fire forward. He can quickly recognize openings in the defense and is also quick to act when there aren't any holes."

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