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Cal football recruiting commit: Zion Echols recommits to the Bears!

Go Bears!

China Photos/Getty Images

Zion Echols is committing to Cal. Again!

After reopening his recruitment back in November, the Charter Oak athlete from Covina decided to take a look around and try to find a better fit for him. Aside from a visit to Washington State, Echols realized that Cal was still the best fit from him. After taking his final trip to Berkeley, Echols was quick to recommit back to the Bears.

Zion's junior tape was one of my favorites from this class--Echols jumped off the tape and was so impressive in terms of overall straight line speed. It really bummed me to originally lose his commitment, and I'm glad to see him back.

His senior tape is even better. Echols is just blowing past defenders and sprinting his legs over to the red zone. Echols could be Cal's best option as a pure returner in quite some time, and could prove to be an amazing weapon at running back down the line.

Welcome back Zion! Go Beears!