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Cal Football NFL Combine results: Jared Goff accurate, Daniel Lasco excellent, Trevor Davis fast

Quick look at how the Golden Bears performed this weekend

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

All five California Golden Bears invited to the NFL Combine have participated in their workouts and have concluded all their activities. How did they perform?

Jared Goff

Goff has been practicing with North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz, as the two vie for the top honor of being the first quarterback selected in the NFL Draft (likely the Cleveland Browns). Wentz has come on as of late as a late bloomer and an under-the-radar candidate to take Goff off the perch as the first quarterback taken in the draft.

The overall assessment? Wentz is the more physically impressive quarterback, but 9 inch hands Goff is nailing all the throwing drills.

I'd guess the Goff-Wentz debate will wage on for the next two months (no other quarterback came close to moving up to challenge those two), but it feels like the winner might end up in Cleveland and the loser probably gets picked soon thereafter, so I wouldn't be too sad if Goff slipped a little bit.

Daniel Lasco

Among non-Goff talents, Lasco was the star among all the Bears.  Lasco dominated all of the drills and was one of the best performers in all the running back measurements.

Lasco's 2015 season was a rough one, as a pesky hip injury prevented him from playing at full go for most of the season. It might be another one of those what-ifs for Cal fans: What if Lasco had been healthy in 2015? How far could they have gotten?

At the very least, Lasco has moved himself from undrafted free agent territory to potential mid to late round territory with this performance.

Trevor Davis

Among the three wide receivers, it was Davis who put up some excellent figures, particularly where speed was a concern. Davis was brought to Cal to upgrade the speed component of the Bear Raid, and now he's displaying all his talents for the scouts to see. Look for Davis to be a viable option as a potential return man if he can keep these numbers up.

Stephen Anderson

You wouldn't have expected it, but Anderson was actually the most outstanding leaper of all the tight ends. It makes sense since Anderson is more of a hybrid wideout than a true tight end, but it could come in handy to know for a football team that doesn't use typical tight ends. It's something to watch regarding Anderson's draft stock.

Anderson's 38.0 vertical jump Saturday was the best among tight ends while his broad jump of 9'11" was fourth. He also had 16 reps in the bench press Friday.

Kenny Lawler

Lawler didn't post outstanding speeds (4.65 40 time for example), but he showcased what he could do when given a limited amount of time to work with. In the Gauntlet Drill, which is the most rigorous test of all of a wide receiver's skills and instincts, it was Lawler finishing with the second best time out of anyone.