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Cal Women's Basketball Ends Regular Season With Loss To Beavers

Although Cal has struggled in Pac-12 play, Cal can finish with a winning home conference record with a win today, but they have to do it against a Top 10 Oregon State team that was wiped out Friday at Furd. No local TV, but live stream available. Discuss here!

Hopefully Oregon State HC Scott Rueck feels this way after the game today.
Hopefully Oregon State HC Scott Rueck feels this way after the game today.
Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not sure what's up with Pac-12 scheduling... but they have a bunch of women's basketball games at 11am today. Stanford and Cal play at the same time... and UCLA/ASU have a big game as well... so this means Cal fans get screwed out of seeing their game on TV. Pac-12 National has UCLA/ASU and Pac-12 Bay Area has Stanford-Oregon. I don't blame them for picking them over the Bears, but this is still inexplicable. I've looked at the Pac-12 Network schedule and I don't see any reason why all 3 games had to be at 11am. The Cal men also play at Haas today, but Stanford and UCLA have no such conflict and it doesn't seem like the Swimming or Wrestling Championships are taking place in the middle of the day either.

Pac-12 Oregon will have Cal-Oregon State, Krista Blunk and Mary Murphy on the call, and you can watch the game online assuming you have a solid connection and your TV provider doesn't give you crap for living outside of Oregon... otherwise you can 1. Listen to KALX 90.7 OR 2. Join me at Haas Pavilion! With the baseball team next door from 12-3 and the Men's Basketball home finale at 5... I think a Triple-header is a great way to bond with your UC Berkeley family and celebrate our basketball teams one last time while looking forward to the Bears on the Diamond.

Although they finished 0-9 on the road... the Bears have a respectful 4-4 record in conference at home. They've beaten 4 teams about equal or worse than them (Colorado, WSU, Arizona, and considering Oregon had lost their best player before the game, I'd say that counts as even or inferior to the Bears on paper), lost a tight game against a team slightly better (Utah) and the three games against elite teams (Arizona State, Stanford and to some extent Washington) were played admirably but depth and fatigue prevented the Bears from pulling off upsets.

So with Oregon State in town, fresh off a blowout "upset" loss at Stanford, the Bears have a big challenge. On the other hand, how sweet would it be for the team that's gone through so much heartache (and us fans) pull off a major upset of Oregon State (who will probably get home NCAA tournament games regardless) and have something big to cheer about going into both the Pac-12 Tournament and next season?

Cal pretty much needs to win today, and win 2 games in the Pac-12 tournament to have a .500 record and make it into the WNIT (I don't actually know if a winning or .500 record is required to participate) so I expect the Bears to at least give fans hope in the first half, as they've done all year, and hope for the best in the second half.

This is technically Senior Day, but no player on the roster is graduating this year. There will probably be some senior assistants graduating, not to mention Cal Band, Dance Team, Cheer Team and Mic Men seniors that we should absolutely send off the right way and say goodbye to.

We all know about the drama that's happened this year, with Mercedes Jefflo getting kicked off, Gabby Green sitting out a few games, and the one game Kristine Anigwe got benched... so hopefully there isn't someone we're unknowingly saying goodbye to but... I don't want to be negative, I want to believe this entire roster will stick around for next year, and really? Right now I have no reason to believe anyone wants to leave. This year has been tough, but when I go to games I see a bench that is fired up and giving it their all every game. This team has bought in, and I think the "benching" probably even helped.

But just in case, let's have this team play like it's the last game of the season and they have nothing to lose, pull off the big time upset and use that as a springboard to give this team confidence for 2016-2017 and get recruits on board for this Cal Women's Basketball team going forward!

Go Bears.