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NFL Combine: Jared Goff hand size questions could lead Cleveland Browns elsewhere


Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

On the eve of the NFL Combine, the silly season begins. Every year the dumbest stuff gets brought up (last year it was Marcus Mariota NOT being a troublemaker that was the flavor of the month) and seems to sink someone in the overall draft stock.

This year? Tiny hands.

Already a few articles are floating around about hand size being the deciding factor for many NFL coaches in who they pick in the draft. There are rumors that Jared Goff has the smallest hand size among all quarterbacks likely to be picked in this draft.

That's it! Pack it in, no more to see here.

The Cleveland Browns have gone on record that they might want a quarterback with bigger hand size. Here we go!

Let's ignore that Goff and Mariota both ran spread pass attacks in college, had similar fumble rates in college and the latter has already proven to be a perfectly capable NFL quarterback. Let's ignore that Goff has the best accuracy, touch, reps, efficiency, and productivity in college in bringing the Bears from one win to eight win in three seasons. Let's ignore that there is no obvious correlation between hand size and fumble rate in the NFL.

Nah, it's all about the hands. Do you have small hands? Quit anything you've ever done.