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MBB Press Conference: Cal Bears prep for last home stand of the season.

One more day until gameday.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The Bears have their final home games of the season this week by hosting the LA Schools. Here's what Ty, Jaylen and Jabari had to say about the team's play over the last few weeks and looking ahead to this week's games.

Here are some of the key quotes from the guys:

Ty Wallace
  • We’ll prep hard and be ready for both these teams.
  • We have a lot of guys playing well right now. Guys stepping up with larger roles. Their confidence is through the roof. Jabari’s been playing really well. Kam has been playing really well for us. Sam as well. We’re just trying to get guys to contribute off the bench.
  • It changes our team a lot. Teams have to worry about Jabari, they can’t just leave him open, to go help. That’s one less defender to worry about when me or Jaylen attack the basket or when Ivan gets the ball in the paint. He opens up the floor for us.
  • I think we’ve grown a lot. At this point in the season we’re playing our best basketball, we’re growing as a team. Everybody’s contributing. But there’s definitely work that needs to be done and were going to continue to get better.

Jaylen Brown

  • We’re just talking about life. Every time I talk to Bill [Walton] its a tremendous experience. *Jabari bursts out in laughter.*
  • He's my friend, mentor. I love talking to (Bill Walton) before every game. He gives me a motivational speech to prepare me for every game and I treasure it.

Jabari Bird

  • I’m getting great looks. I’m making open shots. The game’s been easy for me the last few weeks. With all the other options on our team, the other team has forgotten that I’m out there. I kinda like that.
Here is the full press conference if you want to take a listen.

California Love. California Rising.