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Jared Goff plans to do it all at the NFL combine

Jared Goff talks about throwing at the combine, his NFL future, and more.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Jared Goff talked to Mike Florio on PFT Live during all of the Super Bowl chaos. The two sat down and talked about Goff's future in the Pro's and the combine. If you would like to watch the interview you can watch it right here.

Goff talked about whether he wants to come in and play right away or sit and learn in the league: "Whatever helps the team win". As of now Goff is most likely going to be a Brown, Cowboy, or Niner. If he gets drafted by the Browns or Niners expect him to make an immediate impact, but if the cowboys draft him it would be likely for him to sit behind Tony Romo for a couple years. Awfully similar to what Cal great Aaron Rodgers did behind Brett Favre (not comparing Romo to Favre).  Personally I think the best fit would be the Cowboys or the Browns.

Goff also announced that he would show off his stuff at the combine and throw the ball around: "I'll do it all, I've got nothing to hide. Go out there and throw and have some fun". This will be a big test for Goff to show off his stuff  to the scouts with Paxton Lynch and Carson Wentz also participating.

When asked about the uncertainty of the draft and where he's going to end up: " I'm excited for whoever wants to draft me, I wanna go to a team that wants me and a team that I can be successful with". Whatever team he ends up with he'll get a shot to make an impact and he has the tools to do so. He has a  chance to turn some franchise around.

Goff wants to run around a 4.8-4.9 on the 40: "4.8 or lower I'll be happy, 4.9 I'll be happy as well".

He also was a spokesperson for Gatorade rocking a Gatorade sweatshirt and giving a demo on how the new Gatorade smart cap works.

The combine will be held February 23-29 in Indianapolis, while Goff's future will be determined at the draft on April 28th in Chicago.

Good luck to Jared and Go Bears!