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Cal football fans, what do you want from the next offensive coordinator?

What type of playcaller do you want at Cal?

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

What qualities would you like to see from the next Cal offensive coordinator? How would you like the offense to change (or why would you like it to stay the same)?

Sam Fielder: I'd really like to see someone that is of the spread/uptempo/Air Raid mindset if only for the reason that we don't have to rebuild the entire offense this offseason. So I'd like the offesnse to mostly stay the same as it seems tailored to fit the players on the roster and the ones we've recruited. I'd also love to see someone that is a great recruiter come in. Tony seemed to be an ok recruiter, but not great and I think that we could take another step forward by getting someone that can recruit well and coach people up.

boomtho: I'd like to see the new OC exhibit a slightly higher commitment to running the ball. Some on CGB have mentioned that Tony's preferred VSPP was always going to limit the potential success of our running game. I certainly don't know enough about OL play to opine, but if you take that as fact, then I'd like to see the new OL coach come in with a different, more balanced scheme, even if it's tougher to coach.

I would like to see the new OC maintain our offense's aggressiveness. I assume that 4th down calls are largely Dykes', but I did like how we remained aggressive in the second half of some of our wins.

I'd also like to see the new OC be a bigger factor in recruiting. From what I've read, Tony wasn't super active on that front (besides closing Max Gilliam), so this feels like a real area Dykes can incrementally improve the staff.

Leland Wong: Hm, it looks like we need someone with a brilliant mind for the spread offense and roots in NorCal for recruiting. Throw in some love for the school and area since people like that about the current staff (and former staff with Franklin gone). If only we could find someone like that without having to break out into an impromptu Adele sing-along and cry party.