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Jake Curhan is a Cal football early entry freshman OL

Go Bears!

Jake Curhan
Jake Curhan
Cal Athletics

Jake Curhan is already on campus, and will be one of the new offensive linemen who will be competing to make the two deep chart.

Trace scouted Curhan as a junior and likes what he sees: "Curhan mauls people playing at the RT position on offense. He has a good getoff to get to the second level to take out some linebackers. There's a few occasions where he's down blocking and he absolutely destroys a lineman and some linebackers. He gets the feet going and pushes some guys back about ten yards, which is reminiscent of a couple scenes from the Blind Side. It's almost criminal that they didn't run behind this guy on the majority of their plays."

Adam did a great interview with Curhan. He chose Cal because "it is the number one public university. Education is important to me and my family. Another thing that contributed was that it was close to home. I know some people don't want to go to college close to home, but as an athlete, you have so little time off that it is nice to be able to go home and chill for a day. Also, being able to have all the people who I grew up around come to games is something I look forward to."