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Instarecap: Bears MBB in Husky Territory. CAL WINS 78-75


Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Going into half time the Bears were tied 34-34 with the Huskies. Cal was paced with 9 points from Jaylen Brown and 8 from Tyrone Wallace. That was negated by the abysmal team shooting half which was 10-29 from the field. The team was also had 11 TOs in the first half alone.The Huskies had a great half from Chriss who had 9 points on 3-7 shooting with one 3PT FG and 7 rebounds.

First Half Stats:

After a torcherous last 3 minutes of play, the Bears almost lost a 8 point lead. But manages to haul out the win for their first win away from home in the conference and 2nd one on the season.

Your Second Half Stats: