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Cal basketball 34th in Coaches Poll, 37th in AP Poll, plus Oregon week postgame quotes

Can they climb back into the top 25?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The California Golden Bears are back to receiving top 25 consideration for the first time in nearly a month. Cal received eight votes in the AP Poll (34th)and fifteen votes in the Coaches Poll (37th) and are now being considered a top 40 team in both polls.

In the rest of the Pac-12, Arizona is ranked 12th in both polls; Cal will head to Tucson the final week of the season. Oregon drops to 16th in the AP Poll and 17th in the Coaches Poll after being swept in the Bay Area. Utah is just outside the top 25 and USC dropped out.

Can the Bears climb back into the top 25? Probably not this week--if they could pull it off, sweeping Washington on the road isn't impressive enough. Beating USC and UCLA would do the trick, so it's not something to seriously worry about at the moment.

Here are some of the the postgame quotes from Oregon week!

Oregon State (full postgame quotes here)

Cuonzo Martin on playing on the road: "Every road game we've played hasn't been one where I said we aren't going to win this, let's just try to make it competitive. In most cases, and you obviously have to give credit for the opposing team for winning their games, but turnovers, key breakdowns and missed free throws, those things cost you a game. You can't have those mental breakdowns at the level where it's a close game and all of a sudden it goes from six to eight and now you're down and you have to fight your way back into it. That's been our dilemma on the road, to just really execute every possession on offense and defense, taking good shots and not getting rid of the ball too quick. We'll get better at it."

Jabari Bird (Pac-12 player of the week!) on his performance tonight

"I've been making some shots and my teammates have been giving me the ball. I was trying to go out there and play hard, play aggressive, basically trying to do everything I've been trying to do for the whole year, and it's just working now. I've been putting in a lot of work on my game outside of practice and it's finally starting to show."

Jaylen Brown on Jabari's performance tonight
"I think we've been a little more assertive. We're definitely trying to make the tournament and finish first in the Pac-12. The time is now. We're trying to be intense in practice. We're just trying to be focused, trying to be leaders. Jabari is playing so well. He's a leader in practice. He's the first person to finish a sprint, so I can see why it's unfolding for him now because he puts the work in. He puts the effort in and he's vocal. He's being a leader. He's doing what he's been doing for a long time. Now it's just walking into the shoes."

Oregon (full postgame quotes here)

Cuonzo Martin: "Good win, great environment. Great to have Tyrone (Wallace) back. I thought the guys fed off of that. Our guys had a good week and the guys that come off the bench and don't play a lot played a big part in this win. In their prep work of duplicating and trying to simulate Oregon's 1-2-2 or 1-2-1-1 back-to-the-zone matchup, I thought they did a really good job in practice, getting our guys prepared to play against this. It showed tonight in our preparation for the game. With Tyrone back, we had fun, we played hard, we played together. Twenty assists to 11 turnovers, it was a good game. It was great to see Jabari (Bird) shoot the ball well. When he's shooting the ball in that ballpark, we're a tough, tough team to deal with."

Jabari Bird on how he can continue to have games like tonight

"I'd like to have more games like tonight. It felt good out there tonight, to make those shots and get the crowd hyped, but the main thing for us is to go out there and play as a team. We played hard on the defensive end and shut down a really good offensive team. That was the main thing for us and me tonight."

Tyrone Wallace on the team's ceiling
"I think the sky is the limit. We defended really well tonight. They struggled. We got a couple 30-second shot clock violations against them and we forced them to take tough shots. I don't think they were able to get comfortable today. So we just have to continue to bring that effort on the defensive side of the ball, and you see what it leads to on the offensive end where we get run outs, open shots and we're able to have fun."