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Cal basketball & football podcast: Listen to episode 23 of the Bearcast

The 23rd episode, or the Benjamin Harrison episode.

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and welcome to the 23rd episode of the most memorable, daring, and not terribly outrageous podcast focused on Cal sports and whatnot. On this week's episode, Rob and I talked about the following:

  • The Super Bowl aftermath in the Bay Area
  • The signing day spectacle
  • Our thoughts on the recruits
  • The hiring of Jake Spavital and what it could mean for the offense
  • The respective men's and women's games against Stanfurd
  • The next matchup against the Oregon schools
  • Baseball season is afoot
  • The retirement of Marshawn Lynch
  • Financial issues in the athletic department
  • And some other good stuff

So give us a listen, rate us on iTunes, and as always, Go Bears!