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What are our Cal football recruiting needs?

Based on what you've seen of the Bears on the field, on the depth chart, and elsewhere, what are our biggest recruiting needs this offseason?

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atomsareenough: Defensive coordinator, defensive line coach, linebackers coach, defensive backs coach, linebacker, defensive line, defensive back. I guess o-line and running back would be good too.

Andy Johnston: Linebackers take top priority, did anyone notice we have literally played all of our games this year absent this position? This is among the many baffling things about Art Kaufman is the sheer lack of depth at the position he coaches. We are razor thin on the defensive line, especially as Looney departs to the league. At DB we have plenty of experience, talent and solid coaches, I have no concerns there. On the offense, we need a QB as apparently we no longer believe in giving younger players experience and could use a few additional offensive lineman.

LeonPowe: As for recruiting - depth depth depth. Talent would be really nice, but we need bodies. JCs, 2 stars, 3 stars that are missing one or two things, elite size or speed or something - but have some of the attributes that would make them Div. 1 players. We need bodies first. If you can tackle, and you can handle the academics, have a scholarship. This is no time to be discerning on defensive offers.

Nik Jam: Defense of course. We haven't been able to get a game changer on defense since losing McKinley to an admissions problem (really, since Tosh left). We have a solid foundation on offense (Though it doesn't hurt to add on to the offensive line)... so hopefully the team focuses big-time on defense. If that requires new defensive coaches with a recruiting background... Sonny has to find a way to make that happen considering his job is at stake.

Anything less than 4 linebackers would be really really troubling considering how bad we were recruiting there last year, and the results are showing on the field.

A 3.5-4 star linebacker or defensive lineman that could play right away in 2017, whether a 4-year or a 2-year could change the outlook of that season tremendously.

boomtho: Our biggest need is defensive talent, specifically on the DL and in the LB corps. Sonny's had some recruiting wins there (e.g., Russell Ude) but the production hasn't followed, so he's going to have to change something up in order to start winning recruiting battles at those positions. Like others have mentioned we need both top end talent (though asking for freshmen to contribute at those positions is probably a longshot) and depth to guard against whatever plague of injuries the Football Gods will release on us next year.

We'll probably instead get like 8 3-4* WR's. Go Bears.

HydroTech: Defense. We need talent and athleticism. If Cal's defense was even just average this year, Cal could be a 8 win team right now.

Kevin Wu: Defensive coaching. Cal's defensive players aren't not talented and not athletic, they just don't know how to play good defense. I look to coaching for that. Missing open field tackles is synonymous with Cal football for as long as Dykes has been here. Is there a clearer sign that Cal's defense can't even do the fundamentals right, talent or no talent?