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A Bear in need: Rebounds for Rama

Former Cal WBB center Rama N’Diaye has been diagnosed with breast cancer and the Cal community is gathering in her support.

Rama N’diaye was a member of Cal Women’s Basketball from 2006–2011 and was a valuable contributing member to three different NCAA tournament teams despite facing constant knee injuries that impacted multiple seasons. She was a tough, physical interior presence—a consistent rebounder and shot blocker. More importantly, she’s a fellow Bear.

I mention this because Rama is facing a difficult challenge, and the Cal community has been asked to rise to help her:

As a testament to Rama’s sheer will and determination, she was able to return to the court following her injury and compete in her final season in Berkeley in 2010-2011. Rama then went on to play professional basketball for three seasons in Iran, Spain, and Turkey. Since her retirement in 2014, Rama has been living and working in San Diego. Unfortunately, in July, 2016 she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer at the young age of 29. She is currently undergoing aggressive treatment at The Moore Cancer Center through UC San Diego, where she is proving to be a worthy opponent in the fight against this disease. As a result of the side effects of her treatments, Rama has not been able to consistently work and therefore has sustained significant financial hardship. It is our goal as a Cal Family to help support Rama in her fight against Breast Cancer emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Towards that end, Cal women’s basketball has set up ‘Rebounds for Rama,’ which encourages fans to pledge to support her, either through a per-rebound pledge, or a flat donation.

Never do I feel prouder to be part of the Cal family than when one of our own is facing tough times and fellow Bears step up to help out. Whether we’re Jogging for Jill or helping Savannah Rennie get a new liver, Cal comes through. Time to step up and do the same. #ReboundsforRama!