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The Baylor coaching search is getting crazy, and it’s unclear where Sonny Dykes stands

The Bears are aiming high.

NCAA Football: California at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

For Cal fans looking for a quick resolution to their head coach being thrown into the mix for the Baylor coaching doesn’t appear to be coming.

  1. Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy has been rumored to make a trip to Waco. Who knows if he’s leveraging Boone Pickens for money, but the Cowboys coach would be certainly downgrading taking his act from Stillwater to the besieged Bears. Again though, there are conflicting reports.

2. Arkansas State coach Blake Anderson (who has been rumored to be interested in the job) reportedly has been spotted negotiating for the Baylor position according to FootballScoop. On the flip side, some local beat writers are denying those reports.

Where does that leave Cal? Well, if Baylor can’t land either Gundy or Anderson, then Dykes immediately becomes a contender based on the original list. I don’t know if he’d be the favorite to win the job, but I’d have to imagine he’d be someone that Baylor athletic director Mack Rhoades trusts (Rhoades reportedly interviewed Dykes last year).

If Dykes wants the Baylor job and no one else seems willing to step up and take it, he’ll have it. But is he the only one who would want it? The Gundy and Anderson reports seem to suggest otherwise.

But if one of these coaches takes the job, you can probably pencil in the return of Sonny Dykes to Cal in 2017. It’s hard to see him making the jump this season without any regular bona fides besides a great love for his home state.

Dykes has maintained radio silence since the end of the season about his plans, but he has been reportedly in Waco in the past week and has been reported to be one of the coaches who will interview for the job.

Until Sonny Dykes comes out and publicly denies these rumors, Cal fans will just have to stew and wait for the Bears to come out and make a decision.

What do you think Baylor will do?