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Cal Twitter Livestream - DC, Tosh, Shootyhoops and...?

In which relevant topics are discussed by your writers.

NCAA Basketball: Virginia at California Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

As promised, on Wednesday evening, myself, Scott and Reef met up for the first time. The following video is footage of about 90 minutes of freeflowing conversation on a bunch of topics.

Skip to the timestamps for discussion on:

6:00 - Official beginning (first 5 minutes are set up; i take off my red shirt)

9:00 - Robot Larry discusses being a Robot

11:00 to 27:36 - Defensive coordinator discussion - Debating Tosh, had he returned? Who’s next? What are we looking for?

28:00 to 42:00 - The State of Cal Athletics; Scott and Reef on the town hall, Williams as AD, decisionmaking so far; the future/feeling resigned about the future?

43:00 - Cal war stories with Scott and Reef. Are we DOOOOOOOMED forever?

47:00 - 49:30 - Non-DOOM from Nam

50:00 - Shootyhoops from Scott and Reef; ceilings, projections, Ivan Rabb, Charlie Moore, and how many games could the Bears win with Nam at point guard (~1:05:00)

1:13:00 – Nam explains why he doesn’t like shootyhoops

1:20:00 – Bedtime for Scott’s daughters/debating ending the stream early

1:22:00 – How deep can we go into the tournament?

~1:28:00 – What Cal player could play both sports?

1:32:00 – What gifts would we give to the Cal program this year? What New Year’s resolutions do we have for Cal?