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Golden Nuggets: Wilner projects Cal MBB will finish 7th in the Pac-12

Despite a first-round talent?

NCAA Basketball: Oregon at UCLA Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

We’re all ready for conference play for the 2016–17 California Golden Bears Men’s Basketball season and Jon Wilner is here to project the conference standings: Cal will be the best... of the worst half of the conference.

7. Cal: A difficult team to project because of heavy reliance on two newcomers: freshman guard Charlie Moore and transfer guard Grant Mullins (Columbia). Consistent production from either during the conference grind—to complement Ivan Rabb and wing Jabari Bird—could make the Bears relevant.

Weird grammar by Wilner, who decided to use both an en dash and an em dash—and to encapsulate both with spaces. Don’t fret, as I saved your eyes from that typographical terror by correcting it.

Women’s Basketball


  • An older nugget that was only brought to our attention by reader iwasthere4theplay a few days ago: A quick breakdown of Cal’s smoke screens. Is there interest in more play breakdowns from 2016 Cal Football during the offseason? I had some ideas cooking that I might play around with if people are interested.

Want more news? Beyond this... there really isn’t much Cal news during the holiday season. Um, my Microsoft Surface broke and it’s annoying af? That’s all I’ve got for you.