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What was your favorite moment of the 2016 Cal football season?

What was the best part of Cal football this year?

NCAA Football: Utah at California John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Fielder: From a Cal fan/football standpoint it had to be the Texas win. It was my first game back in Memorial in 3 years and only my second game in over 20 years. I came in with such low expectations and was sure Cal would get blown out and then we actually won the game and I was so giddy and joyful and happy and walked down on the field in an orderly fashion (no storming here) and had such a great night. It was glorious (then Texas was terrible and the season went down the tubes and some of the luster came off but in that moment, man it was great).

But from a personal standpoint it had to be the Utah game, where I was able to bring my sons to their first Cal football game and sit near the same area in which I sat with my dad for Cal football games when I was a kid. That alone was special and memorable but then my sons were the Oski Cub Club fans of the game and we spent the whole second quarter on the field with Oski and the cheerleaders and were introduced on the jumbotron. They still ask about seeing Oski the Bear and how much they like him.

​And again, another unexpected and glorious win that I was able to celebrate with my sons topped off a truly incredible and remarkable day.

(Celebrating the win with my son)

atomsareenough: Walloping UCLA was nice, even though they're lousy too, but I gotta go with the goal line stand against Utah. That was exhilarating, and we were still hopeful about how the season might go, and the defensive performance in that game was an encouraging sign. Too bad it was a false hope.

Nam Le: Texas.

Full stop.

Nik Jam: It is hard to disagree with the Texas game. Don't think any of us were optimistic and was absolutely sure we'd get smoked and there was a point during the first half where a big loss looked likely.

Boy do I wish we would have gotten that San Diego State game. Being at the stadium, that Onside Kick recovery may have been one of the coolest moments I've seen (I'm not sure I've EVER seen another 4th quarter onside kick recovery by either Cal or my Raiders and I may never see one again), but of course it amounted to nothing in the end.

LeonPowe: James Friggin' Looney stoning the Utah running back on the 3 yard line. Why? Whadda ya mean why? James Looney on the 3 yard line making a tackle to win the game.

boomtho: Probably the Texas win. Close game, offensive fireworks, withstood the rally... fun stuff. Of course, we thought then Texas was a top-25 team that had beaten a really good ND team. How quickly things change!

Kevin Wu: The Texas win. We all had so much hope after that win. It was all downhill from there, but for a moment in 2016, Cal football felt like it was back in it.