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CGB Livestream on 12/28 at 7PM PT; ask Q’s here

NCAA Basketball: Virginia at California Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago, myself and Rob hosted a Youtube livestream to talk about the Cal coaching situation, which was well-received, but fairly unplanned.

This time, we’d like to give our readers more advance notice, so that they can suggest topics for discussion in advance, or at least have a headsup on when to tune in, so here goes — next Wednesday, December 28th at about 7PM, myself, Reef, Scott, and moderator Rob will be hosting a second Cal sports livestream, discussing shootyhoops, football, and god knows what else.

When the stream is up, we will update this post with a link to it.

Your job: suggest things for us to talk about, since it’ll obviously be super awkward with me meeting the two of them for the first time.

On the docket already:

  • Defensive coordinator
  • 2016 football/rest of basketball season talk, etc.
  • Why doesn’t Nam like shootyhoops
  • Rogue 1
  • Charlie Moore: greatest or greatest of all time?
  • Reef responds to months of slandering on the podcast

What else would you like to ask us?