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Defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Art Kaufman will leave Cal

Here comes a new defense.

University of California v University of Hawaii - College Football Sydney Cup Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images

The first coaching change for Cal Football has been made. As expected, Cal will need some new defensive minds in 2017. The Bears had a bad defense in 2016 yet again and a full reboot has been ordered.

Defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Art Kaufman’s contract was up this year and it wasn’t renewed. We’ve been over it ad nauseum, but Cal’s defense simply has not been good enough. Cal had one of the worst passing defenses in college football in Kaufman’s first year, managed to build it up to sub-mediocre in 2015, then regressed back to being one of the worst in 2016—surrendering 40 points or more in nine games. Add in the lack of available linebackers and Kaufman simply has not done enough recruiting-wise or coaching-wise to justify another term with him.

It remains to see what will happen to the rest of the defensive coaching staff or who will be chosen to replace Kaufman.