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What events should Cal Athletics throw that are like Marshawn Lynch bobblehead day?

Any more Beast Mode days in the forecast?

Washington v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Aside from the game itself, Marshawn Lynch bobblehead night was a pretty awesome event by Cal Athletics. What ideas would you like to propose for future games?

Nik Jam: I'm not sure how you top the Marshawn Lynch bobblehead. It does seem like basketball t-shirt giveaways have been common. I'd like to see them try and bring that back to football. There was a Goldout game in 2012 (against.... Washington), but there was no giveaway and Cal stunk that year. Would like to see that come back (especially since Cal has avoided wearing the Golds for whatever reason)

Another idea is doing another throwback jersey day, for a game against USC or UCLA much like they did in 2007, but this time giveaway replica jerseys (or shirseys) as well when they do.

And if Jared Goff becomes something in the NFL, I would think a bobblehead would come. That's a ways away though.

Also, in non-football giveaways, lets honor some of the Olympians. Missy Franklin and/or a Ryan Murphy bobblehead maybe?

Kevin Wu: Bring back Aaron Rodgers for something, somehow, someway. Other than Money Lynch, there is no greater professional athlete from Cal right now than Mr. State Farm. We know things have been rough with Rodgers and Cal since Tedford was fired, but he appears to slowly be warming back up to Cal - thinking about his GameDay picks earlier this season and him owning that he's from Cal for a national TV game.

Nick Kranz: Marshawn is easily the single most beloved Cal sports figure from the past, so it's pretty much impossible to top what the AD pulled off with the bobblehead night. But there are other decent ideas pulling from Cal's past. Zack Follett conducting the Pain Train. Some sort of Jahvid 'The Jet' giveaway. How about a cool little model of Memorial Stadium? Even when Cal football isn't great, we all love Strawberry Canyon!

Ruey Yen: Sadly, the most iconic Aaron Rodgers at Cal image is this one.

It would be cruelly fitting to have an Aaron Rodgers bobblehead giveaway which has him holding a rose for that non-existent 2005 Rose Bowl berth (Thanks Mack Brown!). Like all the talks about Steve Bartman and how he should be invited back to Wrigley Field now that the Cubs have won a World Series, maybe this is a giveaway once the Golden Bears have finally break the Rose Bowl drought?

Leland Wong: All I ask is a Transformer toy of Zack Follett that transforms into a Pain Train.

Ruey Yen: Another iconic recent Cal Football image is Jared Goff's reaction after Texas missed the PAT from the 2015 game in Austin.

boomtho: Follett popping Erik Ainge right when the ball came loose.

Generally, I think it would just be great to get more football alums visibly involved in gameday events. Can we have like honorary alumni captains who are out at midfield with the team for the coin toss? Add to the Sonny interview segments with similar ones done with alums? Get them back to practice (like Marshawn was)?