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Should Cal have played their backup quarterbacks more in certain situations?

Was there too much Davis Webb in the fourth quarter?

Oregon v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Sonny Dykes has opted to keep Davis Webb in the game for the entirety of two straight blowouts instead of giving backups a shot to play. Webb did not play well in either game. What are your thoughts on this?

Kevin Wu: Utter ridiculousness. Mirrors Tedford's allegiance to Zach Maynard when he was utterly horrible, but we needed to keep him happy so that his half-brother Keenan Allen would be happy. We undoubtedly made promises to Webb that he would get lots of playing time - why else would a grad transfer choose his final destination? Dykes & Co. already decided to stunt the growth of Bowers and Forrest when they brought in Webb. There was no illusion that this would be a great season in which we needed to capitalize on our offensive talent while we had it with a grad transfer. This receiving corps has made do, but was nothing to write home about compared to last year's talent. Our defense was going to make us lose games regardless of whoever was at QB. We just wasted a year of our backups' time - all for nothing, probably not even a bowl game to show for it. I said this whole Webb thing stunk back in the summer, and I won't waver on that.

Nick Kranz: I have a hard time mustering outrage over this one. Yeah, it's probably better to avoid potential Webb injuries and give Bowers a little game experience. But I don't think that game experience is super valuable, and I don't think Webb was facing a high chance of injury against UW's 2nd string defense. This one is far down my list of problems with the state of the program and that specific game.

Ruey Yen: Sonny sticking with Webb for the entirety of a blowout loss does not bode well for either Chase Forrest nor Ross Bower to be the Cal Football starting quarterback in 2017. Of course, watch one of these guys surprise and be the Big Game hero or something like that.

boomtho: It's a poor decision and it's short sighted, though I get why Sonny did it. He's still fighting for bowl eligibility (which, he should be!) so I get the instinct to stick with the experienced guy, try to get him some reps, and build his confidence for the next game.

I would much preferred to have seen one of the backups play the 4th quarter vs UW. However, I do worry a bit that would have been a really tough environment to throw an inexperienced QB into.