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Cal reportedly a possibility for Tennessee transfer Jalen Hurd

More transfer news!

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Kentucky Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

Cal football is starting to resemble European football with all of these transfer rumors.

First USC quarterback Max Browne (who will graduate transfer for his final year of eligibility in 2017) was linked to Cal, Colorado and Washington State. Now Tennessee running back Jalen Hurd has filed his papers to transfer as well, and the Bears have come up in early reports. Hurd is a friend of Vol transfer/current Cal wideout Vic Wharton. UCLA is also mentioned.

Hurd elaborated on his decision to transfer in a lengthy Twitter explanation, citing offensive fit issues and not wanting to be just a running back.

Interestingly, Hurd seems to want to be involved in more of a receiver role at his new school, which would naturally align with a Cal team that loves to spread four out wide and go. His stepfather mentioned that Hurd would like to be a wide receiver or tight end to lengthen his potential professional longevity. Cal is of course fast becoming the new wide receiver U on the West Coast, with most of last year’s graduates finding their way onto the field in the 2016 NFL season.

It should be noted Hurd is a junior, so he would likely have to sit out a year before playing his final year of eligibility at a program. He still could very well opt for the NFL Draft instead, although if Hurd wants to switch positions, one scout says it’s better for Hurd to transfer and adapt to his new spot.

Brandt would advise Hurd to transfer to another college rather than entering the draft.

“I hope he stays in school. I think players that stay the full four years are much better equipped to come into the National Football League and can play sooner unless you are a great talent,” Brandt said. “I thought that he was a good talent and I really can’t understand why he is not doing better.”

If Hurd decides to switch positions, Brooks believes playing another year of college would be the best option.

“A lot of guys projected to make position changes, I don’t want to say (NFL teams) downgrade them, it’s just hard to pinpoint what you have without seeing it,” Brooks said. “If he moved while transferring that would give scouts an opportunity to watch him at the new position. But if he thinks he can go to the league and then make the switch, it makes it hard because of even more speculation.”

Hurd is considered at the worst a mid-round talent. He has rushed for 2638 yards in his Tennessee career, only 400 or so behind the all-time leader. At 6’3 and 240 pounds, he could be a dynamic inside receiver and force even more matchup problems for Pac-12 defenses to have to combat in the future.

Cal fans, your thoughts on Hurd?