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This week on the Bearcast: Washington in review, is there a coaching change coming on defense?

The press box experience lights up with a Marshawn ghost ride and E-40 filled pregame. The game quickly went south and we look forward to some potential changes coming this offseason.

Washington v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This week we tackle the cathartic Washington game, talk over a couple “wish list” defensive coordinators and answer a few questions from fans, including the strange unwillingness to play Ross Bowers late in blowouts. Rob also does his first basketball recap of the year! Check the schedule below-

Top of the line items:


  1. New Defensive Coordinator
  2. Ross Bowers
  3. Lamar Jackson


  1. Texas Tech - Texas
  2. Nothing

Cal vs Washinton: The Experience

  • Stadium vibes
  • Press box experience

The Recap: Cal Loses to UW

  • Stats
  • Moments/Turning Points
  • Positives
  • Negatives

Pac-12 Game of the Week:

  • Andy: Oregon vs SC
  • Rob: UCLA vs Colorado

Looking Ahead: Cal vs WSU

  • Line: WSU - 15 (OU 110)
  • X factor for the game
  • Who do we need to watch out for on offense/defense?
  • Prediction: Rob and Andy’s take!

Pac-12 Game of the Next Week:

  • Andy: SC vs UW
  • Rob: Utah vs ASU




  • Questions/Topics
  • If Kaufman is gone. How to redistribute and who to hire?
  • Why hasn’t Ross Bowers seen the field these last two games?