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Cal football highlights: Marshawn Lynch rides the injury cart from all angles


Marshawn and Momma Lynch on the injury cart!
Cal Athletics

There are some highlights from this game, but none in particular that we want to recount too much because there were 66 Washington points interspersed in there. Let’s focus instead on the return of Beast Mode to Memorial Stadium, golf cart style.

It has been a week-long celebration of Lynch, particularly with his 10,000 Beast Mode injury cart bobbleheads distributed to the masses of Golden Bears. The cherry on top was Lynch himself coming in on an injury cart pregame and getting the crowd fired up for the Cal game!

You can see that Lynch circles in-between where the Cal Band is lining up to great the football team.

Here’s the view straight from the cart!

Here’s the view from the Pac-12 Networks

Lynch and his mom had a grand old time in the middle of Memorial Stadium.

Here’s the segment with Lynch and E-40 cruising around. Is this the first time you’ve seen E-40 sporting Cal gear?

For those confused about why Marshawn Lynch and an injury cart are a thing, (1) where have you been, and (2) here’s the backstory.

For at least a few minutes, it felt like old times at Memorial.