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RUMOR: Marshawn Lynch to ride injury cart to lead Cal football out pregame


Marshawn Lynch bobblehead
Jonathan Tsang

(Photo courtesy of Jonathan Tsang).

The Marshawn Lynch bobblehead is out for the masses! So many Cal fans got their prize of Beast Mode on an injury cart from ten years ago during his historic ride through California Memorial Stadium. The gates opened around 5 PM and 10,000 lucky fans now have their BobbleMode on full tilt. Let’s take a look at some of the good stuff.

The lines were quite long!

Many of our CGB faithful fans received their own bobblehead!

Many Cal fans are already looking to profit off of the BobbleMode Marshawn heads.

There is also a confirmed card stunt that will feature Lynch as well.

But there is now a rumor of the ultimate possibility: Beast Mode might potentially lead the Cal football team onto the field before Cal takes on Washington tonight.

We’ll know in just under an hour!

PS: You can also get your Marshawn Lynch injury cart shirts via Beast Mode Apparel!