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REMINDER: Cal vs. Washington is also Marshawn Lynch Bobblehead night!


Cal Athletics

This is just a quick reminder. There will be Marshawn Lynch injury cart bobbleheads tomorrow at Memorial Stadium. 10,000 to be precise!

For those too young to understand the legend of the Beast Mode, a quick refresher.

For those wondering on what the instructions are to get these bobbleheads, here is what to do, according to Cal Athletics.

- Bobbleheads will be available at all gates

- Gates open at 5:30 pm PT

- 1 bobblehead per person

- No camping at California Memorial Stadium over night

- Line up at gates begins at 2:00 pm day of the game

- There is no re-entry at California Memorial Stadium

- There will be no additional bobbleheads once you're inside

- Bobbleheads will not be on sale at the team store

If you don’t want to wait in line, the Bench has one!

I’m not sure why Cal settled on 10,000 bobbleheads. There’s going to be tens of thousands of fans wandering the stadium aimlessly for two hours before the Cal game, and another ten thousand upset fans haggling already. Plus all the Husky fans who are also Seahawks fans would have gladly paid top dollar for these as well. If they’d gotten 10,000 and had another 10,000 for sale, Cal could’ve made BANK.

Leland already posted this link about the origins of the Marshawn cart and how there were several specific designs.

According to David Lombardi, already seven injury cart bobbleheads have sold on eBay for $89, even though it’s unclear who exactly has them because they haven’t been distributed yet. Seems like a bargain.

For those who haven’t been following Marshawn too closely since his retirement, he’s gotten real close to the Golden Bear program and its players. Here’s a summary of some of his Cal escapades.

And yes, Marshawn will be at the game. No idea if he’ll do anything to top the first Cal-Washington celebration.