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Golden Blogs Pick-em Week 11: Fives Games. Five Double Digit Underdogs.

Four home teams in the Pac-12 are double digit underdogs versus their opponents. Then there’s Cal, who is a double digit underdog at home to undefeated Washington. Does our staff see any upsets?

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Washington
Who dares pick against Jake Browning?
Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

We’re into the final month of College Football action! I would say it feels like it has come so fast... but not really, since Cal Football games all feel like they’ve taken years to finish, especially the increasing amount of games that start at 7:30pm.

Anyway, we have five Pac-12 games today, starting tonight with UCLA and Colorado. There is a problem with this week however... according to VegasInsider... all five games feature a double digit spread. At least that was the case when I sent out the survey on Tuesday morning. I will point out any huge swings that happened in the ensuing 48 hours.

Can we get some upsets, particularly the home underdog that is our Cal Bears? Let us see what our staff thinks!

First... last week’s results.

Week 9 results

It is not a good week when people get Cal wrong and get Stanfurd correctly... but hey, its a new week. Two people called South Carolina’s big upset. Looks like Ruey is going to run away with the “Staff Pickem” title unless a big shakeup happens soon.

Anyway... here’s our games this weekend.


THURSDAY 6PM on Fox Sports 1

Colorado (home team) is an 11.5 point favorite. Over/Under is 57.
UCLA/Colorado picks

With no more Rosen in 2016, there isn’t much faith in the Bruins anymore. While Ruey says Colorado will win a tight one, the rest of the pack thinks Colorado should get a two score win for sure. (The line is actually now 13 for the Buffs)

Nik Jam: No Rosen, Yes Problem

Ruey Yen: I see Colorado winning a close game in this one.

boomtho: I don't think UCLA can score any decent amount of points without Rosen against a Colorado defense that has been REALLY stingy and really good

Berkelium97: No Rosen. No chance. (Wow, read my mind!)


SATURDAY 12:30PM on Fox Sports 1

Stanford (home team) is a 14.5 point favorite. Over/Under is 42.5
Oregon St/Stanfurd picks

Slight edge goes to the Lobsterbacks here. Despite being “upset” twice at home so far, it is not expected that the Oregon State Beavers will get the Bay Area sweep. Most do seem to agree it will be a low scoring affair.

Nik Jam: I think Furd is going to mess around and possibly lose this thing, dunno if it will be straight up.

Ruey Yen: Oregon State has played some close games but they all came at home. Going with the Furdies on this one.

Piotr T Le: Furd wins, but OSU covers.

boomtho: Mcaffrey and the O rounding a bit more into form (playing Arizona will help!). Nice stretch of easier games for Keller Chryst to start his career.

Berkelium97: Yawn.


SATURDAY 1PM on Pac-12 Network, Arizona, Washington

Washington State (home team) is a 16.5 point favorite. Over/Under is 66.
Arizona/WSU picks

Another game, another blowout. It seems only Nam is expecting a setback for the Cougs (and even then, he just might think it’ll be a close game). Seven of eight see a blowout, which means we’ll be looking elsewhere for entertainment on our phones will waiting for our Marshawn Lynch bobbleheads.

Nik Jam: Arizona is hapless, this shouldn't be close.

Ruey Yen: Arizona doesn't have the offensive firepower to keep up.

Piotr T Le: It's Falking time.

boomtho: Think WSU wins in a really easy game, though AZ can put up enough points to push to the over

Berkelium97: The Cougs have been letting bad opponents hang around while Arizona has been getting blown out by everyone. A visit from the Wildcats should cure what ails Wazzu.



USC (home team) is a 16.5 point favorite. Over/Under is 78.5
Oregon/$C picks

A slight edge goes to Oregon getting the cover, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t think the Trojans will keep blowing out teams at home, like they’ve done all year (as we unfortunately know).

Nik Jam: I think this can be another high scoring affair and Oregon should be in it until the end. Why couldn't this be the 7:30 game?

Ruey Yen: I see Oregon keeping this one close before losing by about 14 points.

boomtho: Have no idea so going with the transitive property on this one

Berkelium97: I'd pick the Ducks to cover if this were in Eugene, but USC has been too strong in recent weeks.



Cal (home team) is a 16.5 point underdog. The Over/Under is 78
Cal/UW picks

And there you have it. A 50/50 split between Cal at least covering, and half think the Huskies should win this one going away. The line hasn’t changed all that much, for whatever its worth.

Nik Jam: I BELIEVE!!! That it will be close.

Ruey Yen: I believe that this will be a close game until UW goes up by two scores late. UW doesn't cover the 16.5 points.

Piotr T Le: UW will roll all over us

boomtho: Cal is so banged up right now, hard for me to see how we can hang with UW

Berkelium97: An angry UW team will make a strong case that it's a playoff contender by blowing out a depleted Cal team. At least we'll get some Marshawn Lynch bobbleheads out of this.

PerryScope: I believe... we may cover


#22 Oklahoma State +2.5 @ Kansas State
#10 Florida State -5 @ Arkansas
TCU +9.5 @ #13 Baylor
#19 Florida State -6 @ North Carolina State
Iowa +7.5 @ #20 Penn State
#1 Alabama -7.5 @ #15 LSU
Wild Card: Lock of the Week

Alabama gets the most love, with half of the picks. This despite being on the road in hostile Louisiana. Nam does have LSU though, so we will definitely see someone gain an advantage in the rankings after today. Penn State also gets some love.

Only one comment!

Ruey Yen: I see Penn State continues to roll for the 2nd week after that big win over The Ohio State.


Georgia Tech (10 point underdog @ #18 North Carolina) [2]
UCLA (11.5 point underdog @ #21 Colorado) [3]
Duke (11.5 point underdog vs. #23 Virginia Tech) [3]
Mississippi State (13.5 point underdog vs. #7 Texas A&M) [3]
Oregon State (14.5 point underdog @ Stanford) [3]
Arizona (16.5 point underdog @ Washington State) [3]
Oregon (16.5 point underdog @ USC) [3]
Cal (16.5 point underdog vs. Washington) [3]
#9 Nebraska (17 point underdog @ #6 Ohio State) [3]
Boston College (25 point underdog vs. #5 Louisville) [3]
San Jose State (29 point underdog @ Boise State) [4]
Maryland (31 point underdog @ #2 Michigan) [4]
No upsets of the 12 (and others) [1]
Wild Card: Upset of the Week

With 12 options to choose from, we will probably continue to have an upset as every week one of my options has won. I even let the crew choose a Pac-12 underdog to win straight up, and only I bit. I took Oregon State. The rest split between Nebraska, Georgia Tech, and Duke.

Nik Jam: (Oregon State) Schadenfurd is always nice and of course we know first hand that the Beavers are improving.

Ruey Yen: Nebraska is certainly capable of beating Ohio State, even if it is a road game.

Piotr T Le: Nebraska is better than we think.

boomtho: Pure risk/reward for me here: Duke only 11 point dogs, and they've been competitive in most games this year.


Let’s hope all the games, especially our game, is closer than Vegas thinks they will be!