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Baylor to “focus” their coaching search on Sonny Dykes

In less than a week after the end of the regular season, we’re full-throttle on coaching rumors.

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Dykes Watch continues.

The balance between “do we want Dykes?” and “who’s targeting Dykes?” intensifies as Baylor is reportedly “focusing” on Dykes to be their next football coach.

Baylor’s top choice was allegedly Chad Morris of SMU, who has a 7–17 record over there in his two years, going from a 2-win to 5-win season. However, Morris signed a new deal with SMU and is staying put, leaving Baylor to turn to their other candidates.

If Dykes leaves for Baylor, then California will have to compete with Oregon for head coach prospects looking to work on the West Coast... and I’m not convinced that’s a battle we can win. If Dykes makes this move before December 31, then he/Baylor will owe $2 million to Cal; that figure drops to $1.5 million if the move is executed after that date.

Already loving these “yay Dykes/boo Dykes” debates this offseason!